The Disrupt SF Hackathon Is Almost Here! More Tickets Available Now

Originally posted on TechCrunch:

Two. more. weeks.

In just a little over two weeks, our annual Disrupt SF conference is rolling back into town, and with it, one of our legendary Hackathons.

We’ve released most of the Hackathon tickets already, and each batch has gone faster than the last. Here — have another batch.

Never been to one of our Hackathons? Wondering what to expect? Take a few hundred of San Francisco’s finest engineers. Cram them in a big ol’ room for 24 hours. Give’em a mountain of pizza, challenge them to build the craziest thing they can think of, and close the doors. Each year, the results get better and better.

We’ve seen people build everything from dating apps and music games to cell phone controlled, knife-wielding robots. We’ve had founders meet each other here and go on to form companies together. We’ve had hackathon projects spin out into full-fledged companies and be…

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Addicted to polls

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The DrumHere’s my latest weekly campaign column for ABC’s The Drum.

Forget cigarettes. Forget alcohol. Forget the secret stashes of mini Toblerones or Kit Kats that dwell in desk drawers all over the country.

Australia is in the grip of an unhealthy obsession that has nothing to do with these temptations. Our nation is addicted to something far more insidious, brain-numbing and soul-destroying: we’re addicted to opinion polls.

In the 15 days since the federal election was called voters have, by my reckoning, been willingly subjected to 22 opinion polls. More than half were national polls, while the rest focused on individual marginal seats. And yet there are still three weeks of the campaign to go.

The reason for this survey cornucopia is that opinion polls sell. The prospect of knowing who’s winning seduces us into buying newspapers, giving up hard-earned cash to peer behind paywalls, clicking links on online news…

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Update: Obsession

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In the last 2 weeks since i have reinvigorated this blog,i have felt a inner call to action. I feel the strong need to achieve my goal,so i have been indulging myself in watching a ridiculous amount of you tube videos on personal attainment,achievement,and goals. What makes one achieve? what makes one fail? i have been reading stories of immense failure and success so i can differentiate. The difference seems to be obsession.


When some one seems to be obsessed in any way in what they do,they achieve.They find the energy,the passion and the resources to achieve there goal because they must. They are obsessed with getting it done. To be honest,the thought of not doing it is so painful,that it is actually easier for them to do it. That is where i must be. 

So i looked within myself,i looked at my skills and what i do and…

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